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    Hi guys,

    I'm selling my Bridgeport retrofit. The retrofit is around 80 to 90% complete. I have now bought a machining centre, so no longer need this machine, nor do I have time to complete the project.

    The machine was originally a series 1 MDI, but the original control has been taken out and replaced with new kit. New parts installed are as follows: Siemens 440 micromaster vfd, 3 x cncdrive dc servo drives, 3 x new servo encoders, Omron auxiliary dc power supplies, custom built power supply for servos, solid state relays, custom operator panel with mpg etc.

    I have had the machine running on mach3 a while ago, but I've never been 100% happy with mach3, so decided to do a linux cnc retrofit (see my other items for sale), the project never got off the ground though.

    The Bridgeport is in really great condition, mechanically and aesthetically. All that needs doing really is a control board, mach3 or otherwise installing, some of the wiring is complete, there isn't anything complicated anyway. I have the original wiring schematic with cable numbers etc, which is a great help. The machine is equipped with both flood and spray mist coolant, variable speed head by means of an expanding pulley assembly, high and low range speeds, spindle brake. There is some tooling to go with the machine too, see pics.

    I'm looking for £1500.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Machine has now been sold. Thanks to everyone who got in touch.

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    Pleased you sold it, where did you get the black din rail terminals?

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