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    Hi folk, just checking in from St.Helier / Jersey.

    Happy to share with like minded people ... who don't mind getting their hands dirty and enjoying a beer at the end of the day

    Since the early 80's I've spent a lot of time refurbishing many machines including Pultra 1750/70's, S&B (Model L's) Hardinge (HLV / HLV-H), Schaublin (102/102N/102TR/102VM) and Boxford (A/B/C/AUD,BUD & VSL) as well as carried out a good number of 3 phase to single phase conversions.

    Recently just bought another HLV-H (Metric) which I imported from Germany (but made in Feltham Middlesex late 70's). It is quite different to the main line production HLV-H ... specifically produced for the German customer with effectively a second counter shaft to act as a "Back drive" giving an additional low RPM range from 45-125RPM.

    Also using a Boxford 280TR and Harrison 600 Vertical Mill which I hope to swap out later this year to another Schaublin 13

    Well, that's enough for now ... drop me a line if you feel inclined ..

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    Is your Hardinge an HLV-H or a KL1? I have the latter,which was made in Middlesex or Exeter and is designated as a KL1.You probably already know that the basic difference between an HLV-H and a KL1 is purely cosmetic,the former having a narrow drawer to the right of the cabinet with a pull out drawer for the collets,whereby the latter has a much wider door with 2 carousells to store the collets.Also the tailstock has a longer nose on a KL1.Apart from that,they are identical as regards spares.I have used Hardinges all my working life and believe the HLV-H/KL1 are the finest lathes ever made.Still in production to this day in Elmira,New York,which is testament to their quality and accuracy.

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    My machine is a HLV-H ... I've been using them since the mid 80's ... Prior to that I was a Schaublin 102 user but fell out with Schaublin when they (Swiss sales) would not sell a 102N-VM screw cutting machine to me directly, stating I had to deal with the UK rep. That individual failed to reply, help or assist getting me the machine. A week later I'd sold three Schaublin's and the most comprehensive accessory suite.

    Just after that I saw a HLV in operation and bought it ... then sold it for a better one ... then got a HLV-H ... then sold it for a better one. 3 HLV's and 9 HLV'H's I'd got to my final dream machine!

    Quote Originally Posted by molliemilo1 View Post
    Still in production to this day in Elmira,New York,which is testament to their quality and accuracy.
    As for the HLV-H still in production ... Here's a statement from "Hardinge on the 25 Feb 2009 "The final ten HLV-H toolroom lathes are being assembled on the erection floor at Elmira, and no more will be made."

    There are of course Far Eastern copies but "Genuine" US HLV-H's are no more.

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    Thanks for the production update - doesn't seem like 7 years ago I was told they were still in production.I,to,used to own a Schaublin 102 and considered it overated compared to the Hardinge.To watch an HLV-H/KL1 thread cut is amazing,with the retractable top slide and collars controlling start point and end point.Incidentally,I have a brand new Metric lead screw for sale - no point in keeping it as I already have a new one on my KL1.I will get round to putting it on ebay one day.

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    Yes time flies ... just sending you a PM


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