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    Does anyone here have experience with fixed - fixed ball-screws setups? I see that it could reduce buckling, and if there are some side effects from "over constraining" the ball-screw?

  2. take a look at Jazzcnc posts with a search he mention the uses of fixed - fixed it is reducing the whipping effect and he gives the speeds...

  3. here :

    "To give you an idea I recently built a Slaved axis 4x4 router with 20mm Dia 10mm pitch screws 1700mm length Fixed/Fixed ends with 2 x 3.1Nm steppers"..

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    Sorry didn't see this.

    Yes I often use them in Fixed/Fixed Config and provided you don't over stress the tension there's no issues. It does help lower Whip on longer screws and while it can offer higher speeds that's not why I use them. I'm more concerned with resonance and it helps in this department.

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