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    Oh wow, thanks for all the responses guys! Sorry I've not been on, the good weather meant I could crack on with weather proofing the workshop with a new roof! I'm a bit burned now haha.

    I'll read through it all and try to get to grips with all the suggestions.

    Thanks once again!
    Just... One more project...

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    Hi, just run across your thread. I also in the last 2 weeks picked up a 2000ish novamill and with some careful reading on the web of various threads and a little trial and error on mach3 settings combined with a princely sum of around $60 I have the novamill up and running on mach3 using the existing controller hardware.

    X,Y,Z full motion
    homing switches working
    e stop working both soft and via panic button on the machine
    spindle on/off
    spindle pwm speed control

    I already had an older dell desktop with a printer port and mach3 as i have a 4x8 cnc router.

    let me know if you need any help if you want to go the same way. I may eventually replace the steppers and boards with upgraded units but for now it was cool to get it running for minimal cost.

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