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    Done a bit of workshop clearing recently and now might have space for a small compressor. This would be mainly for dust clearing on router, maybe for mist coolant as well, both for router and vertical mill. I've never had a compressor, and have no idea what might be a suitable size/rating, or what I might do with it if I had one beyond purposes mentioned. Are compressors generally too noisy to have in the workshop itself?

    Any comments or recommendations, guys?

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    They are noisy when running, obviously this then becomes how often will it run, so then it comes down to size.

    I would say you want nothing less then 20L, again how much you use will depend on how often it kicks in, I have a 5L one I use for blowing out dust on computers small things and so on and a 20L one for when I've got a "big job on", generally though it's the 20L one I reach for purely because of how long a full tank lasts and so to avoid the noise of either kicking in.


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    They can be noisy, there are some quiet units but you end up paying the extra for them, the ones I have looked at the cheaper they are the louder they are, so far 300 range for a 24ltr 50db or 75-100 for 24ltr 80-90db so 3-400% markup for quiet operation, biding my time at the moment as hoping to get a unit thats being removed from a dental practice thats almost silent, not that I am tight or anything I like recycling especially if I don't have to open my wallet.
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    I want to have a play with a fridge compressor, (If I can get one for free out of a de-gassed fridge) I have no idea what the output is like, but at least they are quiet.

    At the moment I have a compressor from LIDL in the garage and a, fairly quiet, airbrush compressor (also from LIDL) for chip clearing on my toy MD A4 trapezoidal. This only supplements a large low pressure pond air pump, which runs when the spindle is going and is 'reasonable' at clearing around the cutter.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd throw in my 1.5 pennuth.


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    I use a small pond air pump at the moment on the mill for clearing Alu chips and its very effective if placed correctly for low pressure it works well I believe the piston pressure pulses help a lot. To much pressure can be a bad thing in a small shop, saw the 18v leaf blower I'd repaired the other day still cleaning chips from places they could never have reached but did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    I want to have a play with a fridge compressor, (If I can get one for free out of a de-gassed fridge) I have no idea what the output is like, but at least they are quiet.
    Interesting idea - might have one to play with myself next week once guy has been to change compressor in our fridge/freezer. Mind you, the fact that it needs changing probably means that it might not be in great nick... However, I did discover that the current refrigerant gases in use can be released into the atmosphere so degassing might not be a big deal if you can salvage a more recent fridge.

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    If you can wait a bit, I would suggest keeping an eye open for the ALDI compressors. They are probably the best value for money and they come with a warranty that will be honoured if it fails.

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    I bought a 2nd hand silent compressor, something around 25-30l and would caution that they take a while to reach pressure and can't easily sustain any decent flow for any length of time. As someone that gets irritated by noise easily, the silent compressor is great, but limited. I'm almost tempted to add a large receiver external to the shed and let it charge over time, but that's a job for another day.

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    I bought a Bambi silent compressor 6 years ago for 300. Permanently switched in the front room I top up the oil once a year, probably time I bled the tank or something but it is so easy to forget it is there.

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    I'm in Aldi as I type, look what I found:



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