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    I've got a bag of switches left over from my eBay selling days, so these are new old stock.

    I've clearly got more than i will ever use, as such I'm offering them to anyone on here who wants them and for free, just cover the postage and there yours.

    I don't want to set a number on how many any one person can have but I would rather send out 20 packages, over giving them all to one person - that's not what is on offer here.

    These would be good for example if you wanted to add a Holding circuit to your electronic enclosure via the contactor coil.

    Ratings and sizes to follow...


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    If you let me know how many you want I've got a nice selection of bubble envelopes so I should be able to lay them flat and get them through the post as a large letter, 1 switch weighs 12.1g so should be (approx) the cost of one switch normally, to send many :)


    Edit: Can send 10 for 1.50 1st Class.

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    The package arrived safely,
    Many Thanks!
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Mine arrived too. Thanks.

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