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    just received the above machine today, does anyone know much about them?

    it has a porters cable 23k spindle where is the best place to buy additional collets?

    also is that a vacuum pump under the machine? what sort of vacuum table would I need to do work stuff on?

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    ok im struggling its not going as well as id like

    ive got a tiny amount of movement on the Y but cant get others moving

    ive done in

    but unsure if I need to do this

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    anyone got any thoughts on how to connect up this BoB -

    to a spindle v4 board

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    lots of help, offered.


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    At first look it appears incompatible to me as your bob is lacking outputs pin 14 on port is usually linefeed or control 1 as used on board shown in spindle board diagram this is not available on your BOB I would contact DIYCNC on the email on instructions tho they may just say buy another bob or possible take feed directly from parallel port.

    Knowing nothing about these particular boards I could not advise on non standard wiring.

    Just noticed your using a smoothstepper so may be able to pick up 14 16 17 and Gnd from that again not familiar but from memory what I have read may be possible.

    A quick google sugests this is possible but be aware that they use the old wiring on the board according to what I read 1-13 on one side and 14-26 on other standard now is odd one side even the other.
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  9. Looking at the datasheets, the BOB and V4 are not compatible.

    Without swapping either component or buying a new BOB, I'd say wire the V4 straight to the second port on the SS.
    You could buy a second BOB which uses common ground for the step/dir pins, but if you're only going to be using the second port for spindle control, I'd just wire it directly.
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    with the help of a friend the v4 board is now connected and motor is spinning

    but im having a new dro issues in mach.

    motors are 200 steps / revDirect drive, no gearing.Lea
    dscrew is 3mm pitch (1 rotation moves 3mm) waiting to get exact pitch from denford forum
    Microstepping is 1/10 (stepper drivers are set to 10)
    so:No. of steps per mm is = 200 * 10 * (1/3) = 667

    but when I put 667 into steps per in mach the actual machine moves 550mm but I only get a reading of about 26 on the dro

  11. Your maths seems good.
    What do you mean you only get a reading of 26?
    What are you actually commanding?
    And do you really mean 550mm?
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