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    This may help and save you having to open it up
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails EP002 Wiring.pdf   5210manual.pdf  
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Yes that is a nice way to avoid opening it up.

    Unfortunately when I bought the PSUs I also bought the stepper drivers & Stepper Motors .. from Arc Euro Trade (bought with redundancy pay out )

    Anticipating being to OLD to get a new job.. to allow for automating part manufacture for a start-up a business. 3 years later I now need to make parts without spending much.

    The stepper controllers I have are 50V max supply..

    I'm building a

    CNC 1.2m x 600 CNC for cutting PLY and MDF.

    a CNC type lathe for drilling and cutting 15mm PTFE bar. It would be nice to be able to do 5mm or 6mm bras studding as well but think it will not be man enough to do that.
    I have the Seig micro lathe but this can not take a feed through bigger than 10mm diameter so maybe this could be automated for Brass studding.

    An Aluminium cutting CNC based around a SEIG X0 micro Drill/Mill is also under construction the starting Time and Precision Ltd 3 axis x 55mm/2.20inch cubed aluminium positioning stage 0.00125 resolution on X & Y at 200 steps or 0.000625 Resolution @ 400 steps. x,y,z. Table needs to be sped up its threaded drives are very fine think it was for a microscope originally.

    I have a 300mm x 300mm CNC for cutting PLY and MDF. for PCB engraving its OK it can cut as it cut its own T slot Bed but its far too "SLOW".

    Picture of all these bits and bobs

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