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    JMC 60ASM200 AC servo motor + MCAC706 driver - 120

    Never used, only tried. From a cancelled project.

    200W Low Voltage Brushless DC (BLDC) servo motor with a matching driver.

    Model: 60ASM200
    Voltage: 36VDC
    Current: 7.6A
    Rated speed: 3000rpm
    Encoder: 2500PPR
    Rated torque: 0.637Nm
    Peak torque: 1.91Nm

    Motor frame size: 60mm
    Motor flange diameter: 50mm
    Motor shaft diameter: 14mm

    Model: MCAC706
    Voltage: DC(24V-70V)
    Current: 6A
    Weight: 0.3kg
    Dimension: 1187635

    Including programing cable and software.
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    Still for sale.
    UK, Yorkshire.
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