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    Hello, my name is Tom, 26 Young.

    I am machinist and fabricator by trade, which is resulting in me taking more and more of an interest in the world of CNC.

    I have been reading the forums as a guest for a while as there is a wealth of information but i thought it was time to get involved and annoy you all with my questions so i apologise in advance. (i'll use the search thread box as much as possible, honest)

    In my shop i have the usual lathes, mills etc but i also have a Denford microrouter with a router that has a worn out commutator, so hopefully the members here can give some input on repair options.

    The plan in the end would be to construct a steel gantry 10' x 6' router but i have a lot to learn before that comes to fruition.



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    Hi Tom,

    Brizzle based myself as well. I am sure you will get good info on here.


    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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