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    Yes, i'm at the stage now where I can't progress until I get the screws. Hopefully they will be here this week before we leave on Thursday for a couple of weeks holiday.

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    Ball-screws arrived today :)

    Managed to start fitting the Y axis one but where the oil feed drilling is in the nut, the pipe hits the knee chip guards so it'll last about 5 minutes :(

    I have emailed the suppliers as it looks wrong unless i have it fitted wrong of course but there is only one oil drilling.

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    How smart am I :)

    Not very it seems!

    I ordered a ball-screw kit for a Bridgeport with a 9" x 48" table, however, after trying to fit the Y axis again tonight it turns out I have the extended knee model with a 12" Y travel not 9" like normal

    Still, I've only had it 11 years, never noticed.

    The suppliers are being good so far and are looking into getting the bigger version swapped out with my one while i am on holiday.


    Also ordered up another three replacement bearings for the head - the old girl was in a worse condition than i thought.
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    Bigger version screw is on the way :)

    Note to remember - measure twice, order once ;)

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    out of interest: what paint did you use?
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    It's from a UK company called Craftmaster Paints, it's their "Engine Enamel" range in Bridgeport Grey.

    Its the same company I used for painting the traction engines - the best paint I've ever used :) Not cheap it cost 30 for the 1ltr tin inc postage but well worth it.

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    Hi all, back again after the holiday :)

    Wasted no time in getting out to the shop, started catching up on customer orders and did some work on the mill.

    Seems I have ordered a screw set for the Z axis that is far too long - bum
    Will eBay that one for a few quid - its a 20/05 zero backlash unit 360mm long if anyone wants it.

    Then i discovered the motor bearings are half-shot , a bit of slack and grumble when spun. It will work ok but not sure having come this far if i should refit or replace with something else - options would be repair (expensive), fit a new vfd style motor with shaft extended (more expensive) or throw on a servo motor (a bit more expensive).

    Having replaced nearly all the bearings it seems daft to refit the duff motor now - time to think here.

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    How much could be that motor bearings? it seems cheaper to replace them, right? Aren't they some standard size?

    Having done all that work til now, the logic is not to leave anything unrepaired.
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    I have read some tales as its a US motor and a bit awkward to dismantle, to find bearings size i would have to strip down which risks disturbing old and fragile varnished wiring etc. Not a big issue but could end up in a trashed motor.

    The extended/custom shaft makes replacements a total bugger - practically impossible to fit a new motor and re-use the Reeves vari-speed drive system as new motor shafts are far too short.

    This was the reason Bridgeport motors are stupid expensive.

    So, options - strip and attempt repair.

    Fit a servo and dump the Reeves drive but retain back-gear ?

    The budget for this job went silly a long time ago - i was not intending on replacing all the ball bearings etc and some of them are so it seems now that an extra 300 or so on a 3kw servo/drive is pretty irrelevant overall.

    The servo would likely be the easiest option - just a new mount plate and two pulleys, the repair on the bearings could be the cheapest option but would still leave an inferior, power-sucking drive system on what is now a damn expensive machine.

    I'll work some prices out.
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    What about repairing it on place with graphite or bronze filled epoxy ,Moglice and others? Why dont you check if that's a possibility. It would be dirt cheap
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