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    Good points, thanks.

    By direct, I gather you have the screw nut coupled to the front where the depth-stop used to sit?

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    It's slippery slope and quickly your into it $$$ before too far to stop.!! . . . Don't Do it Listen to John S.

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    awww, bum, damn that cold hard logic JAZZ ;)

    In my defence, it would pretty much fit in with exactly what i want though!

    So, the alternatives then -

    Find a donor machine and hopefully just fit the electrics?

    Downsides I can see...

    space - nowhere to put it.
    would like a big table again - this seems to mean a big machine (see point above)
    transport costs
    unknown wear & tear
    different tooling probably

    This seems not too bad, but its bed is quite small, although it does have an ATC - would that be the sort of stuff to search for???
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    Yep I'd take that every time over converting BP.

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    Hmm, looks like a no-go then - it weighs 4,500kg and has a 7.5kw spindle - i could not get that sort of power in the shop and anything much heavier than BP would be a bitch to get into place.

    The bed is poor too - 500x600 not much bigger than my mini-mill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davek0974 View Post
    Hmm, looks like a no-go then - it weighs 4,500kg and has a 7.5kw spindle
    Can't beat fat lass with bit of muscle.!!! . . . . But ye got to be practicle. .

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    That's the thing - I know mass rocks when it comes to machines, and also see the point of having a pre-ballscrewed donor but as you say - I need to be practical if I bother to do this.

    It would have to be viewed as what it is - a computer controlled Bridgeport Knee Mill NOT a VMC wannabe. I really can't squeeze anything much bigger than a BP in and have no expansion options as we are residential so have to be careful a bit ;) There is no garden left to build a bigger shop.

    In the past I have had bigger stuff - a Colchester Student lathe, a large horizontal mill and a vertical slotting machine - all the stuff i used when building traction engines for fun. Back then I would have killed for a CNC bridgeport but had neither the cash or the knowledge. Using a boring head to machine a 25mm hole out to 100mm and only being able to take small cuts gets old real fast - that job would be seconds with CNC ability.

    I'm still not convinced and a bit pissed that the machine I linked to above costs less than the ballscrew kit alone :(

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    Why don't you trade your Bridgeport in for a Bridgeport interact and convert that to Mach3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesgates1000 View Post
    Why don't you trade your Bridgeport in for a Bridgeport interact and convert that to Mach3?
    Something like this???

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    Looks like a pretty good deal, I have used them before with the heidenhain control and they are good machines. Best wait for some advice from the others regarding suitability for Mach3 conversion.

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