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    Quote Originally Posted by Davek0974 View Post
    I got it from here Its 1.5mm black-white-black engraving plastic, 600x300 sheet, 14 delivered.

    First time i've used it and came out perfect, used a 30deg engraving tool, 0.2mm tip, 24000rpm, 900mm/min, air blast only and used an Aspire V-Carve path. Outer edges were cut with a 2mm single flute carbide bit with 6mm x 0.6mm tabs.
    Dave very nice, what font did you use. IN fact could you post the dxf up.

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    DXF attached for a square button tag, the font is Arial BTW

    Button Tag Square.dxf

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    Got the panel finished, just need to find a few blanking plugs

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davek0974 View Post
    Got the panel finished, just need to find a few blanking plugs

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1512.jpg 
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    Ah ah just bought 2 of those KB of flee bay.

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    Very nice again Dave. How come you did not put some grad marks on the feed and speed

    I have made a few for mine but cut them out just with the 60' V cutter. Saves changing tools.

    Did you use Bold Arial
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    Grad marks would be meaningless i thought as its based on the screen display not any real position so i didn't bother, i can always redo them i guess one day ;)

    Yes it was Arial Bold and a v-carve path

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    Anyone have any views on what sort of speed and acceleration i should be aiming for?

    Bearing in mind it has a relatively low spindle speed, even in aluminium, the feed rates are pretty low, I don't think it's worth going much above 2500mm/min?

    I have read that there is a point in acceleration where Mach starts rounding corners etc, is this a known point or just something that can happen at some setting value?

    Its currently set for 1000mm/min but that seems quite harsh when you do a rapid, it makes the machine shake a little at start/stop of the move.

  9. Judging from power servo feeds made for that machine, ~900mm/min is the maximum. i think a machine like that could even reach a maximum of 5000mm/min but with slow acceleration. So if servo motors could do the trick of moving it fast, its up to you to decide the balance between speed and acceleration, depending on what you would be doing.

    I have to ask Jeff who has a servo driven similar machine, but as far as i remember once he told me, he doesn't push it more than 500mm/min ever.

    So no point of making it run away from your workshop if not needed. I would leave it like that / ~900mm/min / and with normal acceleration. Then with the time you know it better you could fine tune it.

    Whats your acceleration set at?
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    It needs to be a bit faster, i have tool paths that run 1150mm/min, i think 2500 may be a good compromise. The servos themselves will easily push it to 7500mm/min if i let them but it is very scary.

    I will try my usual 1/10 rule - 2500mm/min and 250 acceleration and see how it goes i think.

  11. 250 acceleration is not much, so even if scary at first, i think 2500mm/min will not be a problem. Dave, i have set 3000 acceleration on my machine, now that's scary, when you see 200kg gantry flying around with that speed.
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