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    CSMIO, servo motors and drives arrived a minute ago, all looks very heavy-duty indeed, just ordered a DB25 break-out block for the MPG unit and one of the neat little power divider blocks from CS-Labs :)

    Got the mill head stripped, paint on order, removed all the surplus gears and junk from the head.

    Wondering about doing the neat Z axis fit where the ball-screw takes the place of the feed-stop screw and is a 1605 unit OR doing the more common fit where the ball-screw sits in front of the original feed-stop screw position???

    The only downside I see with the first option is that the pulley sits at the bottom of the screw right in front of the spindle nose.

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    I will send you a photo of my setup later on. I have made parts to allow me to use the manual quill with the removal of a single screw.

    Also look on CNCzone for SCzEngrgGroup's conversion of the bridgy.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Have motion on the test motor now :)

    Needs tuning i am told but there does not seem to be a tuning option in the drive menu??

    I did an auto-tune in CSMIO but that only goes so far, even the manual tells me it needs to have the drive velocity tuned in the driver before auto-tuning or it will fail.

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    Sounds like a question for Jazz, write that you've decided to use a 6560 and he will appear
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    It seems the drive is pre-set when enter the motor code number so no tuning in the amp.

    Have finally got the head apart on the mill - a tiny broken shaft was holding me up - an absolute bugger to get out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now thats off it should move a bit more rapidly. The plan is to do a complete strip, wire-brush the poor repaint job it has off then sand and repaint in "Bridgeport Grey" engine enamel and reassemble to a bare machine then fit the CNC conversion.

    The DRO and Original, working power-feeds will be sold off to raise funds.

    Space is the biggest problem, will probably have to erect a shelter and do most of the prep in the garden.

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    Thoughts over coffee - Limitations of the system?

    When i was building the large scale traction engines, everything was made with a tolerance of only 0.1mm or better - easily obtainable on a hand controlled Bridgeport with a three digit DRO. It really was not needed to go tighter on these engines and many say that if too tight they never worked properly due to expansion when running etc.

    Anyway, the third digit on the DRO was pointless as you could never set that precision by hand and merely looking at the mill out of the corner of your eye made it wobble more than that!

    So, now (when done) I will have ball-screws and servo's with Mach3 acting as my DRO display - this is all running on my bench very nicely now.

    But - the encoder/motor is connected to the screw via a toothed belt - surely this must introduce an error possibility, especially with a 100kg sitting on the bed??

    My main point here is - If i want to use the mill manually, say to drill some holes without cam-ing the job, I can put Mach into reset, this drops out the servo motors and i can spin the handles like before and Mach tracks the position on screen - I am hoping here that this is a workable situation with decent accuracy when positioned manually??

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    Quote Originally Posted by komatias View Post
    Yes and get the knee saddle and table reground and turcited. Speak to slideway services, they quoted me by far the best price

    At 950 + VAT + transport there and back this will have to wait i'm afraid. I have chrome ways so that put the price up as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucan07 View Post
    Sounds like a question for Jazz, write that you've decided to use a 6560 and he will appear
    No I won't .!! . . . . Because I already told him via Private bongo's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davek0974 View Post
    But - the encoder/motor is connected to the screw via a toothed belt - surely this must introduce an error possibility, especially with a 100kg sitting on the bed??
    Not really if the belts are tensioned correctly and decent quality. Lots of very expensive VMC have belts on the screws.

    Regards Manual operation then it will Display position just like Manual DRO's would.

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    Was playing around with PID tuning today, reading the manual on how to do it manually (ooh-err) It was not happy and no amount of fiddling got it better, long positioning time, not sitting at position etc. That was until i stuck my finger on the end of the shaft and gave it a tiny amount of resistance - instant improvement rapid stopping on position etc. Lesson learnt, seems unloaded motors don't like tuning ;)

    I have ramped it up to 3000rpm, been deliberately messing about with rapids for several metres each way plus millimetres each way, then put mach into reset and jerked the motor around, reset and did a go-to-zero and the damn thing snapped straight back to my zero mark - I was most impressed with this feat ;)

    JAZZ - how did you wire the enable line to the drive - there is a signal mis-match here as CSMIO puts out 24v but the drive needs to be pulled low - I stuck a relay in which works but....

    Also, what size fuse would be good for a drive and 750W servo?? Thinking 5A slow-blow?

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