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    JAZZ - how did you wire the enable line to the drive - there is a signal mis-match here as CSMIO puts out 24v but the drive needs to be pulled low - I stuck a relay in which works but....
    I do it with a relay tied to the HV option on IP-A that enables all the drives.

  2. Thanks, if it really is relays then thats fine, I have that working on the bench setup, just wondering if that was the only option here :)

  3. Ok, where did I slip up...

    Previously had the motor tuning set as book, 2000 steps per (10,000 / 5mm pitch)

    When I fit this on the machine it will be at 2:1 ratio so i set steps per to 4000 (10,000 * 2 / 5mm pitch) and set velocity to 7500 (3000rpm / 2 * 5mm pitch) acceleration is at 750mm/s/s

    Works ok in jog mode, works ok in code mode at speeds up to 7500mm/min

    If i do a "Goto zero" it runs for a while then stops with ePid fault.

    It also allows me to set feed higher than it can handle and then goes into ePid fault.

    Is there a reason here?

  4. Ok, found it - it seems it does not like running right at the limit of max speed - if kept just below max it all works perfect.

    If I set the max at 7500 and command a feed at 7500 it faults, if I set 7400 it works perfectly in all modes.

    Won't get t hat high in real life as the bed is not really big enough i think for a 7500mm rapid ;)

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    Just to throw a spanner in the works may be completely irrelevant but on my travels today saw a bridgeport (couldn't tell you the model) converted to CNC, that used original and a 24k spindle slightly different setup to your plan.

    The 24k spindle was mounted literally beneath the original in a frame so when changing between spinles he just had a Z offset to consider but apparently with Knee or second Z thats not a problem, frame actually locked into a collet then connected to frame, his spindle was shorter than mine and he lost a fair bit of Z travel but this still left a good amount of travel on Z for what he used the 24k for.

    Just thought I would share unfortunately I was out on the road bike (lycra man) to escape idiots for a while so no phonewith me to grab a picture.

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  7. Should these collars just slide off, it feels like they are hitting a hard stop?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1349s.jpg 
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ID:	18520Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1350s.jpg 
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    Probably surplus on a CNC machine anyway but don't know yet.

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    Just a thought, have you tried tapping them round had similar collars in a different setting but they were threaded.

  9. No, one of them slides about 3mm and then stops, the other is stuck fast

  10. Can't go much further ;)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1351s.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1353s.jpg 
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    Stripped most of the poor paint job off now, will be sanding and painting this weekend, not filling the dents in as it's a machine not decoration ;)

  11. Now for the spare parts :(

    The knee lift-screw bearing is dead, it looks like a 3306-2RS Double row angular contact 2 rubber shield item - 30mm ID, 72mm OD, 30mm W

    Can anyone confirm that please?

    Also is there a good source for the tubes and fittings for the lube system in the UK, might replace the lot as it looks like some of the points on the knee lift ways were doing nothing, luckily i always backed up with the oil can;)

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