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    G84 is rigid tap cycle.

    You should have bought one of these.

    450 landed in UK.

    No computer, no monitor, no windows license, no Mach licence, No CSIO box of tricks.

    Does rigid tapping, tool changer, pendant, all built in.

    These are going to be a game changer in the future.
    Link to seller?

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    Link to seller?


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    The old girl is now sporting a QC30 spindle with BT30 drawbar :)

    Better tool position and one step nearer to an ATC.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubatricky View Post
    Link to seller?
    Sadly my old mate John S is no longer with us but this was the place he got one from. Not sure they still have same model.

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    I've got one of these and it's been controlling my Shizuoka 3 axis machine for the last 6 months or so. It seems to do most stuff you'd want but the Chinglish is too strong to understand in many places - it's just machine translated. It's not a bad solution but there are some areas I've just given up on. There are only so many hundred hours you can spend trying to figure stuff out.

    I'm going to remove it from my main CNC machine and use it instead on my Bridgeport conversion. For the main machine I've just bought a Centroid Acorn. Didn't think I'd go this way but I really don't fancy the investment of time required to implement Linuxcnc but the Newker controller isn't working out for me.

    I found 2 companies that seem to sell the exact same product. As ever, it's not clear who designed it and who manufactures it but they are different entities.

    Newker is the brand I bought. The 4 axis mid range product is the 990MDb (M means milling, T means turning). I bought mine in China when I was there and brought it back myself. I paid about 350. That's not bad value....

    Newkye is the other place. The manuals are identical and so are the products, so not much to choose between them.

    There are some videos of the machine and controller in use on my YT channel.


    If you fancy a stab at the Baidu Chinglish Challenge, follow the link to the manual.
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