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    no ive not.

    sorry he said it doesn't have an atc, scrap that you wont need any pmdx. any break out board will do

  2. Andy, that post wasn't aimed at you. It was more for some general info for John.
    A PMDX BoB is still a possible optional, but in all honesty, that cheap 24V capable one that John S linked to in that other thread would probably do the job at a fraction of the cost.
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    thanks Andy - lots of reading to do on the pmdx website
    m_c - yes, I spotted that and am studying it to
    fyi, here is the inside of the VMC 1300 Pro
    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. That's quite a bit different!

    They're not using the onboard stepper drivers, so there's not really any point in keeping any of the existing motion controller boards. You just need to find a manual for the three stepper drivers that are fitted.
    The biggest thing you'll need to work out is the wiring for the relay board in the centre.

    Is the existing controller using USB? If so, does it still work, or do you not have the required software?
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    m_c - the existing controller interfaces via USB to the Denford software and all works fine. It's great for students, but the machine is so capable that the project is to do the conversion, both to learn about control and to get to more "standard" software.
    The steppers are MSD980 Microstepping Drive

    The cabinet is nice and open so it's easy to see where each wire runs. A few other pics...
    Click image for larger version. 

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  6. Looks like that middle board also handles the stepper power supply, going by the transformer connections and capacitors. Have you found a wiring diagram for the machine, as it'll make working out exactly what that board does, and what signals it needs to work, far easier. If there's not already one over on the Denford forums, try asking as they're usually pretty helpful.

    Is it running VR Milling 2 or 5?
    If it was 5, I'd personally leave it until such time you have a reason to change. It may appear a bit 'simplistic' but it just works, and accepts standard G-code like most other controllers.
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    There's a link in my post #4 to the denfordata forum with the schematic
    I'm running VR Milling 5 and I'm not rushing to change - it's a project for me, so I can move at the pace I learn about the controllers and connections

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    Helpful people at Denford confirm schematic Rev C on forum is for my model of VMC 1300 - I was impressed with them

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