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    does anyone remember this software the firm were based in epsom surrey
    in around the 1980's
    it is a early cam program that i used very good for programming tool paths
    that was engineer and programmer friendly with a bit of editing would produce
    complex tool paths beaing in mind that everthing was do with a calculator
    and trig. before this and loaded into the machines via punch tape

    i am trying to find anyone who may has the floppy discs for a fanuc control
    or similar

    many thanks geoff

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    Hi Geoff, I am doing a workshop clearance for my Auntie of my Late Uncles items. I have some 5 1/4" floppies with pathtrace software on them. 3 in total. I have a pc with a 5" drive and I'm trying to find a serial mouse so I can access the disks. One of the disk covers has Fanuc written on it . Would these be of interest to you. I'm ex manual and cnc mechanical engineer. Regards Chris

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