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    Not the same item mixed with post on other forum, DDCM6V5.0 they come in 50, 100 and 200 KHz versions priced accordingly and produced by FASTERCNC CO, LTD. supplied with pirate Mach3 licence (which i never installed already have one) and in my case a Plugin .DLL driver file that contained more than it should, a trojan hidden inside the Plugin, as an IT professional I had to completely clear and reformat the standalone machine in case it is ever connected to any of my networks or other machines for any reason.

    I am looking at the UC300 or the Pokeys57CNC leaning currently towards the Pokeys solution and connecting via Ethernet rather than USB but the ability to do both is preferred.
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    It's good that you confirmed that it was not the same card as mentioned in the top post.

    Anyway, I have the UC300 and I am very happy with that. It is made in Hungary and the support is very good. It was really almost a "plug-and-play" installation, very straight forward and simple. It works very well and I love the many options and external inputs/outputs it has. Very flexible and reliable.

    Previously I bought another USB driver, which was supposed to support Mach3 as well, and there is a plugin for it on the Mach3 site, but it flipped out more than once (CNC axis run away uncontrolled when I started the vacuum cleaner or lit a florescent lamp in the same room) ruined more than one work piece before I brutally stopped the machine by a power off emergency stop, so I had to replace that. Even probing was useless, the code G31 did nothing and some crucial WB macros were also not supported, so basically that was a bad experience, cost me over 100 USD. I used the card on another computer as a sort of "CNC simulator" but after I updated my computers to Windows 10 I had to bin it since the driver is not Windows 10 compatible. The UC300 works well even with Win10 Pro. So, whatever you buy, make sure it supports not only Mach3, but also all the G-codes and WB macros and that it works under Win10.

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    well the manual is available on-line.
    they are good now, in as much as they don't include that little cd anymore, the trouble is - IT HAS THE EFFING .DLL FILE ON THE DISC...
    they e-mail you the .dll file, as a rar file -
    there are no instruction with the item
    go here to get rar unzip

    unzips the .dll

    well, the plug in installs OK

    when you click config plugings, then config, it appeasr that its a ddream - digital dream item/buffer 200
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