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    This has taken me weeks but it's looking good. Decided I wanted an overall screen on the torch so it's a bit chunky. The torch height control circuit should be fun in a nightmarish sort of way. I think I will use a double fibre optic link to control the cutting head, I'm getting a bit paranoid about the 100 Amp cable interfering with my data lines.

    I made the little nut that moves the torch up and down today. Mild angst when I squared out the ends of the slot for the fork it bears against, I was probably only a few thou and half a degree out but it still looked a bit naff next to the CNC cut parts. Luckily it's hidden behind a fancy aluminium plate :D

    Next the rod that connects the X axis pinions at either end of the gantry, maybe the bracket that holds the stepper driver and Z axis driver, there's a lot left to do.

  2. That looks like a nice bit of kit your building there mate, is this your own design or?

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    I might have looked at a few machines before I drew it up, best not mention any names in case I tread on anybodies toes :D

  4. Feel free to post links and names no restrictions here.

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    It's not your toes I'm thinking about :lol:

  6. o ok fair enff ;)

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