Hi everyone,

I'm David. I am not a machinist by trade, my profession is custom software and electronic design. I have worked on some GRBL controllers in the past. I have decided to build my own CNC mill to have a worthwhile machine in the lab and learn something on the way. I am writing my own software front end (similar to Mach 3 but much nicer) that will work specifically with my machine bed size and hardware with a heavily modified version of Arduino GRBL that is running at 200khz on an STM32 ARM cortex board.

From looking around the forum I see a lot of skill gaps. Most users seem extremely proficient on machine design and structural engineering but lack the electronics skills. I am quite the contrary. Finding myself reading google e-books on structural integrity and CNC/crane gantry designs.

I am more than happy to invest my skills in helping people out and love getting some good advice in return.

Hit me up, as I'm sure i'll do you :)