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    This is the mill screen the drawing is to scale here

    This is my plasma screen

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    What version of software are you running looks nothing like my screens for plasma cutter, looks like you may need to update to Version R3.043.066 just corrected your code and loaded into that with no problems.
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    What size did the flange come out at ?
    How do I update it

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    190mm and you go to the Artsoft site and download latest version and install it thats why you buy a licence for updates and support.

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    Worth checking that "steps per" settings are correct in Mach3? Or do gcode files from other CAM packages work ok?

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    It is a full version I just do have the details.It seem like a old version

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    You can download latest version for free, when you install if licence is valid its unlimited and if not it limits to 500 lines I believe.

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    I'll try tomorow

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    Ok tried in New program exactly the same.I then the set the steps per unit put in 40 witch should be 40mm and the axis took off thinks is in inchs .
    I check native units and unit in setting are in mm. Atached is my motor tunning

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    For motor tuning I set and save a value and then manually command a small move of a couple of mm, fiddle with the tuning until that's close then play with larger moves, working up to something close to full travel.
    That way you aren't making any assumptions or guesses,

    - Nick
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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