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    Hello people.

    Obligatory "first post, be gentle" :D

    Been doing RC for a while and its apparent that having a cnc in the house would be quite beneficial.
    So, for my first project i chose JGRO. Frame parts cut of mdf, will do for my first foray into cnc.
    Have some experience in cnc in form of vinyl cutting and multihead embroidery, also 3d modelling, 2d vector graphics etc.

    My main concern at the moment is that i cant seem to find any local specialists to talk to about steppers and drivers. Certain other big cnc forum is mainly focused on US market and didnt help me much.

    So, here's questions i need answers to:
    1. Stepper motors. Been digging thru forums and there is so much info that i'm drowning. What would be a good fit to lug around a 2kw watercooled spindle ? Looking for futureproof solution on a budget, not gonna stay with cheap router strapped to it all for very long. Nema23 motors are widely and fairly cheaply available on ebay, but which ones ? And how good/bad would they be ?

    2. Drivers. Super-cheap ebay drivers are rubbish if i understand correctly. Some say that 6560 are worthless as they at most utilize 30% of stated capacity. Gecko G540 is a bit out of my budget. Any other good alternatives ?

    3. Trapezoid thread drive rods ? Again, local companies dont carry anything of the sort. Most say go for engineering companies to get them manufactured, but that obviously not a viable option due to budget...

    4. UK places to buy stuff from. I live in NI and even big local electric motor companies dont know squat about steppers/drivers... At the moment i'm looking to buy a set of 3 motors and drivers for them.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    Nema23 motors are widely and fairly cheaply available on ebay, but which ones ? And how good/bad would they be ?
    First welcome to the forum. Ok you won't go far wrong with these :https://www.cnc4you.co.uk/Stepper-Mo...YGH301B-Nema23 or http://www.zappautomation.co.uk/elec...per-motor.html
    It all depends if you want to reuse the parts you are buying when you decide to build a stronger machine if so buy wisely as rubbish drives and motors will disappoint. Also keep away from any kits you see as they are never matched.

    look for drives like AM882 leadshine.

    Read through some of the build logs on here to get inspiration Then put a design up and ask questions. Good luck with the build
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    My first machine waa a modified JGRO - in use until very recently when I started cannibalising it for its replacement. I used 3nm Nema 23 motors from Zapp. I used M752 drivers which worked fine but have been obsolete for a while now (I built the machine around 4 years ago); the new machine will use the same motors but with EM806 digital drivers - OTT for a JGRO but great for the mk2! Zapp also sells trapezoidal leadscrew.

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