Hello people.

Been doing RC last couple of years and decided to build a small cnc router machine.
My experience is mostly graphics/IT/CAD do i figured how hard can it be, right :D ?

At the moment i work for embroidery company and run two six-headed cnc embroidery machines.
Previously had a pleasure cutting vinyl for signmaking purposes.

Interested in cnc mostly due to need to machine RC parts for my hobby as i cant be bothered to wait for every bit i need thats stuck on slow boat from china... Building a workshop on my property just to house my hobby (midlife crisis and all that :D )..

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Anyone from Northern Ireland here ? Dungannon/Cookstown area mebbe ?
P.P.S. I'm a prolific dumpster diver when it comes to rc/building materials, free is good no ? Also recycling is also good...