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    Which is why I said to physically trace the wires inside the control box. The stepper driver wires should all connect in the same area, possibly to an individual driver, which means you know exactly what wires power the stepper motor.
    Then it just leaves the other individual wires, which by tracing, will hopefully connect to a terminal with some form of name to work out what they do.

    I would very much doubt that all 8 wires are solely for powering a stepper motor, given Boxford typically only use 4 wire drivers.[/QUOTE
    Sound advice, been into it today, 8 wires in the socket
    2 red singles 2 orange singles.
    1 multicore red blue green yellow.
    traced back to 2 boardsAttachment 18516Attachment 18517
    Ok up til there . . . . I can meter out one of the other steppers to work out the wiring, but I haven't a clue what the red and orange ones do - they are a bigger section (18swg) than the multicores. Could they be for power ? Galloping ahead, I have never seen one of the Boxford 4th axis' in the flesh, does anyone know if they are direct drive or reduction ?
    just seen a Boxford 4th axis underneath view - right angle drive with proxi switch, all wires black except earth, hmmm

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    All black with an earth sounds like CY cable and the blacks are usually numbered if you can get a better look.

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    By the looks of it, the red and orange pairs are the stepper motor wires. Even without the fact the board has 4th Axis Drive written on it, the pair of chips mounted to the heatsink are very much like an old stepper motor drive.
    I'd also guess red are one pair, and orange the other pair.

    As for the multicore wiring, I'd power things up, and see what kind of voltages you get on the wires, as that'll give us an idea of what they might potentially be.
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    Yep, looks like me.
    unfortunately it's on a photograph that I can't do anything with !

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    Must admit, that threw me a bit when the multicore went elsewhere and the red & orange went to the board marked 4th axis !!
    more investigation tomorrow

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