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    Maybe best to stick a thicker grease then, however you want something that won't dry out quickly.

    I'd give a good oil supplier a call and see what they recommend.
    Lots of the more common greases (including CV/Moly grease) will dry out surprisingly quick when open to the atmosphere and a bit warmth. The only grease I've used lately that never seems to dry out, is a red grease from the local agricultural dealers, but it may be a bit on the thick side.
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    I tried ringing a couple yesterday, apart from telling me that the codes i was searching for did not exist in the UK, they would offer no recommendation incase it was the wrong choice. :(

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    These guys are the remnants of Bridgeport Uk. I recall the grease was in a tube and was squirted in via a oiling hole in the back of the head and it was white. If i saw the name of the stuff again i would know it instantly. Old school apprentice that had to do the weekly machine oiling of a whole toolroom for 5 years!

    Call these guys there is nothing they don't know about Bridgeports.

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    Slap a good handfull of axle grease in there Dave and call it a job you'll end up with grey hair and a frown (just like me) at this rate!

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    I had a chat with Braithwaite this morning, the result was that they just use a black moly grease so thats what i'll stuff in there :)

    Pretty much CV joint grease.

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    As used in many axles?

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    Yep ;) It seems there is no direct sub for the US products in the UK so they just load it with Moly grease.

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    Still on the subject of BP lube...

    The oil cup on the right side of the 2J head, the big one for the spindle, there is a tube on the inside and a wick.

    Has anyone got a picture of where this tube and wick should point when reassembled please?

    I can't find one in any manual or on youtube.


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    Without having ever paid any attention to Bridgeport heads, my guess would be it should be positioned so that oil drips onto whatever it's meant to be lubricating.
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    Yes but there are a few things it could be - the spindle bearings are one target but there is also the quill itself, not sure if it is meant for one or both somehow.

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