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    Has anyone tried one of these probes??

    Seems it might work ok, price is good.

    Good or bad idea?

    The other option is a 3d-taster device but the cost is way higher, proven to work though.

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    To me they appear to be chalk and cheese and the first is little more than a slightly adjustable 10 cheap probe which allows you to dial out spindle run out but only if placed 100% accurately into spindle every time where as the Haimer type is a quality precision tool.

    I would go for the standard 10 probe or the quality precision tool and dismiss the first but thats just my opinion, I can see no great gains from the design just a lot of faffing for little gain.

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    The only real benefit i can see with an electronic one is that you can use Mach probing macro's etc.

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    I do that with an upside down 4mm broken mill for nothing.

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    Hmm, but the work or tool needs to be isolated for the circuit to work no??
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    Not on my current MDF bed and on the mill usually in the vice when edge or centre finding vice is easy to isolate when mounting.

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    Ah Ok.

    Most of my stuff is clamped to the mill table so no way of isolating it really, would need to be an isolated tip probe.

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    This would be an isolated tip, pick up the wires from beeper or led switch to connect to mach probing and save 90%
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    Interesting, thanks, I would have to butcher it though as the body is 20mm - mini-mill max is 12mm

    Still, it might serve as a useful donor of parts.

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    They do a 12mm as someone was posting the other week on here "Boyan" I think i recall, and as Mach inputs are usually 5v even taking battery connections should work, leaving beep and led intact.

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