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    I have two of these. I got mine from the USA but I think its the same unit. Does what I need, its wired as a probe input via my CS Labs into Mach. I dont have a plugin to use it properly yet, just a lack of time from my side. Not as accurate as a Renishaw but nowhere the same cost either.

    I have one spare - happy to sell it for around 75 including local shipping.


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    I've got the deepgroove1 touch probe, although I think it's one of the more expensive ones now, however I can't fault it.

    Repeatability is in the sub 0.05mm range, but some/most of that is likely to be lack of repeatability in the machine it's mounted on. I made up a small interface board for mine, as I didn't want to switch the KStep 24V opto directly with it, so the board means the probe is only switching 5V. The board also provides a couple LEDs so I know it's got power, and if the probe is triggered.
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    I bought two of these type (they're all the same really) from George (komatias) but haven't had time to play with them yet. I also need to make more travel on the Z axis now to use them as they're quite long.


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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    they're quite long.
    Yes that would be a big problem.

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