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  1. Good Day All.

    After the talks and advice given to me in my [ame="http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=975"]Simple Current Limiter (LM317)[/ame] post I have now desided to look into new driver board(s).

    I don't have much money left to buy new drivers, only 50-60 so my 1st stop was good old eBay.

    I have seen a fair few driver boards on eBay, but most come from China.

    Before I start buying new driver boards and possibly wasting my money I would like to ask for your advice again.

    I need a driver board to run my 3 Astrosyn MY103H702 stepper motors.
    Unipolar: 6.20volts, 1.00amp per phase.
    Bipolar Parellel: 4.34volts, 1.4amp per phase.
    Bipolar Series: 8.68volts, 0.7amp per phase.

    Does anyone know if they are any good and if they last more then 5 min.

    So what would you advice?

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.

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    Hi Pro

    I bought the 5 axis one that you see on flea bay and was quite surprised at the quality. Beware though you have to do your homework on the instructions. This one has isolated control, jog wheel connection and separate homing switch connections. i am running the astrosyns also it works fine with EMC2. A lot of board for the 51 i paid for it. It is also 2 amps total per motor which they don't mention (would not risk at 2.5 which is max for the chips). The fan could do with being upgraded. Also take note everything is powered off the same supply.


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    Heres the destruction they send you. Note this will also work up to 36v not 24 like it says.
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    Can the 4 and 5 axis versions work with dual drive on the x-axis... ie, use 2 of the outputs for 2 steppers on the same axis?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Conan257 View Post
    Can the 4 and 5 axis versions work with dual drive on the x-axis... ie, use 2 of the outputs for 2 steppers on the same axis?
    should do, i believe the configuration is in Mach3 to link two drivers to the one axis

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    I hope it does as mine will be configured to run X axis for X1 and A axis for X2 on the bed. Wont use the fifth unless i find some use for it later. It would be worth while to take Kip up on his offer. Good deal if you ask me.
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    Thought they were quick drivers, here one minute gone the next ...lmao

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