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    Hi guys
    Started my CNC journey a month ago and it has been a near vertical learning curve, i`m a HMI engineer by trade so the software/computer side of things has been fairly painless, BUT i had not anticipated the machine side of things being so melon twisting, and so spent first two weeks scratching my head wondering why i was cutting air as well as trying to tune motors etc

    I`m enjoying it though and things are now starting to make more sense, thanks for having me on this great forum and i look forward to learning from you more experienced members, near future projects, install limit/home switch's, and possibly look into controlling spindle from within mach 3


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    Hi and welcome to the forum ask as many questions as you like, they are generally quite a friendly bunch on here when you get past the good humoured sarcasm . How about some pics of the machine?
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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