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    Hi all we run a small conversion company in Cornwall and are looking for a 10x5 router can anyone offer any advice on where we can purchase one ? We have looked at Marchant but the feedback is not the best .
    Many Thanks

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    Can anyone help ?

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    Sorry you have not had any response. It is because you are asking a question similar to "which 2Litre van should I buy?"

    If you are a professional, then I would suggest you look at ready made professional quality machines. There are a number of vendors that have those but you will pay a price for them. Do a google search and phone around is all the advice I can offer you. If you are happy to gamble on a used machine, you can find them on ebay from time to time.


    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Thanks for the reply i have done some extensive research on google . If someone asked me what 2.0l van to buy i would ask what they were wanting to use it for and give them my opinion .

    I just thought it would be good to ask for some advice as i like to gather as much information as possible before i make an investment . Im looking at the Mantech machines now .

    Many thanks

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    Hi ecowagon are you still looking for a CNC uk based..?

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