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    is there there any quick way of obtaining a dxf from a sketch like in the image other than manually drawing over this in cad.im looking at knocking up some 3d models in inventor of several types of extrusion for my build.
    its just converting it to an accurate dxf that I can extrude to length..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    See what options you've got for file imports, in Fusion 360 for instance it's quite easy to import an SVG file and do a "push-pull" for an instant 3d model.

    What you've attached in your post is an image not a drawing or sketch, im guessing its just what you've pulled down from the suppliers website or somthing...

    What you want to do is save or export the original as some form of vector graphic, then import it but obviously this probably still means you'll need to redraw it at that level anyway :(.

    I'll have a look tomorrow and see what 360 supports and what can be done, if I can pull a flat image in like we need to with this, I don't mind doing that for you on the ones you need and sending them over as dxf's.

    Another way you may be able do it, is to save the original as a pdf file, then use an online converter to go "pdf to dxf".


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  4. The first thing to understand is that there are two distinct image types, a "bitmap" is made up of dots, if you zoom in angled lines and curves become jagged, in a "vector" drawing you are always viewing the software's interpretation of a description of lines and curves, when you zoom in the software re-interprets the object description at the current view size, curves and angled lines stay smooth.

    When converting bitmap images you will need to create any information you don't have, this means that ideally a bitmap image you wish to work from should look good when viewed at actual size or larger.
    If when viewed at actual size your bitmap has jagged edges any software that you ask to "trace" it will follow the jagged edges and that's what you'll get in your "vector" drawing, (CAD drawings are "vector" drawings) so to trace it and get a good outline you'd need to spend a few hours in a bitmap image manipulation package to increase the resolution and smooth out the jagged edges.

    If you have a good clean high resolution bitmap image of your part in straight black and white with no dimension lines or other noise there are software packages like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw which have a "trace" function which will give you vector outline of your bitmap image.

    The quickest way to get the image you have posted here into CAD is to draw it as it's a very simple repetitive pattern and drawing it will ensure it is accurate as dimensioned,

    - Nick
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    That is an ITEM profile. If you nip over to their site they have CAD downloads freely available. Here's the one you show in .dxf to get you going.
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    You'll find most stuff on trace parts. May need to register but it's free.


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    thanks all
    I managed to get the dxfs from kjn in the end.thats some site jazz..i did run the reference numbers through the search bar on there but nothing came up in results...but very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deisel View Post
    i did run the reference numbers through the search bar on there but nothing came up in results...but very useful.
    ITEM are on there so maybe with bit more search you'd find what you wanted.

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