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    I have been using my machine prity successfully for over a year now however it has slowly seamed to have developed what I call a brain fart. It seams fairly consistent normally within about 15-20min after running a cut the machine will suddenly stop all x y and z movement for a second and then carry on going, I think it's only ever happened once per use of the machine. It has done it a good number of times now without causing any problems so kinda ignored it until yesterday when it messed a pice of work up. I'm just trying to figure out what could cause it? Could it be static or something? Everything was earthed when I built it.

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    When you say it stops then carries on you don't say if code continued to run and moves were lost or if the code stopped running?
    Assuming the code didn't stop running then your problem could be a PSU which isn't coping any more and is cutting out briefly with thermal overload, but don't assume and don't guess, test it under load with a meter.

    P.S. never ignore un-programmed behaviour in a CNC system, if it's doing something other than exactly what it's instructed to do then something is broken and needs fixing!
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I think it is your PC locking suddenly up the computer. Perhaps it is trying to get some automatic updates or something similar. Perhaps your PC is simply "tired" and needs a clean installation. Describe how your installation looks like. May be easier to analyze the issue. Are you using the PC for something else at the same time?

    I don't think it is static or earthing problem. That should generate a total stop not just a short pause. Sounds like the PC is busy with something else.
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    That's a good point but his PC shouldn't have internet access, at least whilst running CNC and should have updates turned off, if it has anti-virus this should be stopped whilst running CNC.
    If something grabs enough resources to stop Mach3 running it throws an error, stops and requires reset, don't ask how I know! ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I don't have the PC connected to the Internet at all the only thing I use it for is the cnc. I had the virus scanner problem at the start so that should be still off. The only link to any other computers is via loading g code through a memory stick. The fault does not creat a e stop just ether a very sudden stop which I notice mostly on the X axis as I run it quite fast which I worrey about it loosing position as its on a rack and pinion or it pauses for a second and then carries on

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    Check you have adequate cooling to your driver cards, I had a similar problem adding a 2nd cooling fan sorted it.
    Check your computer cooling fan is working too.


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    So Mach3 is pausing briefly?
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    possibly, I ran the same file today I did not have any problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieuk View Post
    possibly, I ran the same file today I did not have any problems
    I still think it is the PC grabbing resources. Mach3 may not be able to detect it if it is halted by the OS. Another thing I thought about is the look ahead buffer. I have a weak memory that I had similar issues a long time ago while I used the parallel port of a Windows XP computer. After I changed to USB the problem was gone. My current laptop has Windows 10 and anti virus on, it has Internet connection as well and don't seem to have problems. Is your computer still running under XP? Is it old? Are you using the parallel port?

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    The Mach3 software tends to operate at a low level and on older machines its biggest competitior for resources can be the graphics especially with onboard or lower spec GPU that can grab memory fo compensate. I have seen similar problems and sorted them by simply reducing graphics overheads you don't need full 32bit graphics for mach3 and reducing graphics overheads can free a large amount of resources on older machines, but worst offender is if you enable Mach3 hi res screens options it will then draw screens twice to remove pixelation.

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