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    im pretty new when it comes to machining wood, im used to metal work holding.

    I see lots of reference to double sided tape and glue for work holding.

    ive been kindly given some ash, cherry, American black walnut and oak. these being hard woods required a bit more than double sided tape (unlike MDF)

    what methods do people use?

    all recommendations welcome

    I do things like this so a vacuum table is out the question ;)

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    Superglue to a thin metal sheet, 3mm Aluminium is good, clamp the sheet down and when you've finished flip the work and heat the back of the sheet to break the superglue bond.
    Mitre-Bond from Wickes is good as it's activated and reaches full strength really quickly, I use it to hold all manner of materials down to aluminium plates, you can "kiss" it with your cutter too without any worries at wood routing speeds,
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I have used tape only on rosewood fretboards and maple necks (and aluminium) - see here: and

    I think the holding power of tape is probably more to do with depth of cut than material hardness per say (I'm no expert) and over a certain depth I tend to use screws into a sacrificial plywood bed if possible or clamps if I'm not going through the material.

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    I agree there, I was testing a 6mm end mill, doing 3mm DOC at 600mm/m and the wood was moving. I was probably going a bit fast there

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    I use Vilmill on my vacuum table

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    can you buy it in the uk?

    Quote Originally Posted by johnsattuk View Post
    I use Vilmill on my vacuum table

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    Don't know of a UK supplier, I just buy mine from Germany

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    Doesn't work for everyone, needs a good vacuum pump, not so good on a vacuum cleaner
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsattuk View Post
    Don't know of a UK supplier, I just buy mine from Germany
    My Denford microrouter has a built in Vacuum pump

    Got a link where to buy the mats?

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