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    so following on from this threat I decided to do some R&D with different glues and ive found a winner.

    I also purchased the cheapest 50mm wide masking tap from screwfix and it all worked a treat.

    I used this method but with the glue from screwfix

    just done the below, its pretty small at 100mm by 100mm but the gluing method worked 100% perfect and just popped right off once I was finished. I only used a tiny bit of glue so its going to last ages. it dried and was rock solid in about 30 seconds

    next I want to try cutting letter out like this

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    Good Call!
    I use Wickes Mitre Bond, an activated cyanoacrylate, and an aluminium tool plate when I'm machining and/or profiling small parts from gauge plate, stainless and titanium on the milling machine.

    - Nick
    If you will not be swayed by logic or experience simply pick the idea you
    like best, but ask yourself why you sought advice in the first place and,
    for a simple life, perhaps consider not doing so in future

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