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    just of a couple of pictures of something I'm playing not a cad buff and I'm I'm particularly struggling with drawing with folds in a way the laser cutters and folders can understand them at work.
    sheet metal in cad is a whole new ball game I assumed id be able to walk right into...anyways this thing is subject to change
    I'm a welder by trade..sheet metal..and I couldnt stomach welding outside work so have opted for a bolt up affair. plastics and aluminium,that al it will ever see.ta
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    What Cad is it.?

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    inventor ,there all using solid works at work but from what ive read theres not a lot between the two. I,ll get to grips with it just got to put the hours in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deisel View Post
    inventor ,there all using solid works at work but from what ive read theres not a lot between the two. I,ll get to grips with it just got to put the hours in.
    Ok I use SW and at first struggled with Sheet metal then it clicked. Instead of thinking large sheet or sketch that you fold up.(Which can be done) I find it best to start with one side or face (base Flange) then start adding on the folded sides (Edge flanges). Then those edge flange sketches can be edited to suit.

    What is it your wanting to fold up.?

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    this in the image,i got there in the end but was at first drawing the hole panel out in the flat holes n all then thinking I could then fold the relevant lines and have the software compensate for the various bends but could never end up with my required dimensions so I ended up starting again drawing a profile line of the bends to measure then using a contour flange tool bringing it to the required length the drawing in all the holes there after. ball ache
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    That's a good start, but at first glance, the gantry looks a bit tall for the size of the supporting columns. Since you're using sheet metal a U-shaped piece could be added to each column - similar to what you have done, just bigger. This would increase the width of the machine, but add a lot of stiffness.

    What is it you're planning to use as the base of the rails for the bed? In the drawing it looks like just a thin metal sheet, which I'd advise against as it's unlikely to be sufficiently flat for the rails to perform well.
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    ta jon
    theres an extruded frame work under the rail and sheet and I was gonna put another 4mm sheet on the underneath...
    ive spent the last two hours chewing over wether to go for a welded affair. so possibly be posting a mk2 soon ;)

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