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    Check that the earth on the IEC connector is exported correctly to all parts

    Doddy would this be done by plugging the machine in and then using a multimeter and checking different parts of the machine for continuity? I got a multimeter or have i got it all thanks
    Nope, that the earth is physically bonded (earth straps) to each panel. Relying on hinges and the like is... erm... frowned upon.

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    Yea i just noticed the position of the laser dot would move with different material, I planned my air assist and dot to go together untill i noticed this so i might get the air assist and laser-dot from lightobject because i think that dot stays in the same line as the laser.

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    No problem , ill try to get my head round all this and if it comes to it ill get someone to look at the machine first before i add any power.

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