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    Hi guys, I'd like more information if anyone has experience with these spindles, the ones you find in aliexpress with built in motor, they have multiple air connections, the information I got is following:

    -Air in ( for tool changing)
    -Air/Gas seal (as they call it )
    -Dust clearing line
    -Air return

    from what I understand the air seal prevents any contaminants from entering the spindle, the dust clearing just blows air if opened, however why is there air return line? its connected to which one of the 3? to the air in? what am I supposed to do with that line?


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    Do you have a link to the spindle in question?

    My guess would be some kind of vent line.
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    Air return may be just what it says. Just a hose so the air blows out somewhere aside, not in the Z assembly, when change happens. So i think its connected to nothing but a loose hose.

    The dust cleaning line is to clean the taper.
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