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    Hi to all
    Just a quick note to introduce myself and my interests / hobbies for this forum,

    Big fan of CNC machines, I have a Denford lathe converted to run on Mach 3 with my own home built interface cards, CNC Boxford HMC160, got given this machine and promptly converted that to run Mach3 with 4th axis, apparently Boxford only made 14 of these machines! how did I get given the machine?....Long story made short..
    I made robots for the TV program called Robot wars and appeared on the show several times getting to a heat final, did all sorts of other TV related spin offs Techno games and robot games all great fun, upshot on how I got the machine. I helped a local tech college with their robot electronics and they said you can have any machine you want as they were clearing their machine shop for new equipment. Kid.. Sweet shop came to mind!
    Built many interfaces to enhance the CNC machines using Pic controllers and various stepper motor configurations, converted another Boxford 125TCL for a friend to run mach3 and at present just finishing off another conversion on a Denford mill all being done for just the fun of it!!
    Just finished a 3d printer build and printing all the things that are total useless just to see the machine work!!
    Main hobby is model engineering and have used Solidworks for the 3d CAD design and various CAM packages to produce the gcode for the CNC machines,

    My main occupation is technical training manager for a large company with over 500 techs...

    That's about me

    Hi to every one and if I can help anyone just drop me a line

    Best regards to all

    Paul H

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    Hi Chris, spotted your mail and noted that you have already converted a Boxford 125TCL. I have recently acquired one and my son and I are using it as a project to further our knowledge of CNC and we hope to eventually use it to produce small runs of components.
    We have been trying to get hold of a any owners manuals, wiring diagrams, or just anything to help us make a start, but just like almost everything Boxford, information is as rare as a poor lawyer.
    We would be really grateful of anything you have or even just advice and pointers.

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    Am picking one up in the next couple of days, like Woodfish I'm very interested in replies, unsure what the interface is as it was buried under boxes.
    If you are interested Woodfish I'll share what i find as I trawl the web

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    Grahammon, thats a great offer and much appreciated. I am still mired in (money earning) work at the moment as my current contract client keeps chuckingjobs at me, and I have not had a chance to do much trawling. However I have picked up some info from friends and suprisingly community For Sale boards, which I would be happy to share with you, if you PM me. Just fyi if you are going to pick one up, be aware that there are lots of scare stories about the weight of the 260VMC. The owners manual says its just on 200kgs (without the control cabinet), myself and two rugby playing mates found it fairly easy to unload and move.

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