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  1. RFQ: Need some PCB's milling - can anyone help?
  2. RFQ: Delrin drive nut (lee)
  3. RFQ: Help required in Cambs area...
  4. RFQ: Cost request for cnc/routing.
  5. RFQ: cnc coding
  6. RFQ: Cnc for dummies
  7. RFQ: Help in London UK
  8. RFQ: Any one know a good cnc miller for 3d cad files
  9. RFQ: Custom sized aluminium enclosure required
  10. RFQ: Looking for a CNC company
  11. RFQ: RFQ: Vintage Camera Parts
  12. RFQ: Kitesurf Board
  13. RFQ: Recommend waterjet, metal folding, powder coating shop
  14. RFQ: Aluminium wheel Adapters needed
  15. RFQ: Part Manufacture Required (1 off)
  16. RFQ: Convert/update my Triac cnc mill
  17. RFQ: Write a program for me - Steel Dies
  18. RFQ: CNC plasma contract
  19. RFQ: RFQ: Plasma Table
  20. RFQ: Maybe another small(ish) job for someone...
  21. RFQ: Project Case End Plates Require Making
  22. RFQ: anyone wanna quote me to cut some ally?! and....
  23. RFQ: Looking for somone to finish conversion Denford Mirac with Mach3
  24. RFQ: Manual Lathe Repair & Syil SX3 CNC Re-build Required.
  25. RFQ: Looking for someone to design and build me a cnc pipe router/cutter
  26. RFQ: Wondering if it's possible to get these CNCd and looking for a quote
  27. RFQ: Rising block for Tom Senior M1
  28. RFQ: small machining job??
  29. RFQ: Precision Turned/Ground parts
  30. RFQ: Parts for my hobby from your hobby
  31. RFQ: need someone to cnc/mill some bits for me
  32. RFQ: Hinge production
  33. RFQ: Turned parts required
  34. RFQ: Cutters - Broke my last one
  35. RFQ: Looking for member with water cutting ability
  36. RFQ: Someone to CNC mill my RC helicopter rotor head parts.
  37. RFQ: cnc woodern car buck quotes please
  38. RFQ: Possible RFQ
  39. RFQ: Need someone to help finsih my machine
  40. RFQ: Aluminium parts for my first cnc mill.
  41. RFQ: Custom corrugated sheet steel panels for home DIY project. Brake job anyone?
  42. RFQ: Nema 23 motor mounts
  43. RFQ: Parts CNC machined from Nylon
  44. RFQ: RFQ: Aluminium gear selector assembly
  45. RFQ: Need to get lead screw turned down - Rotherham area
  46. RFQ: Small CNC Project
  47. RFQ: Custom CNC work - Just wondering how much...
  48. RFQ: RFQ - custom 43mm spindle mount
  49. RFQ: Mounting Plate
  50. RFQ: Looking at getting some small parts machined using Brass.
  51. RFQ: Aluminium bracket help please.
  52. RFQ: Touch Probe - Lathe job
  53. RFQ: 3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs
  54. RFQ: ELIC Request - for work to be done.
  55. RFQ: Aluminium sculpture to be CNC'ed
  56. RFQ: RFQ: 3 x M5 holes drilled and tapped/ +/- 0.01mm required
  57. RFQ: Brass fittings for a handbag
  58. RFQ: Pre-RFQ Design
  59. RFQ: Spindle mount
  60. RFQ: Request: 200 units of a small part
  61. RFQ: Machining mounts in 80x40 profile for FK ballscrew supports
  62. RFQ: Engineers going back to Blighty (South England)
  63. RFQ: Some parts.
  64. RFQ: 2-off hub spacers: 120x120x50mm
  65. RFQ: Parts CNC machined from Aluminium or Brass
  66. RFQ: Cnc or laser cut steel brackets
  67. RFQ: Bracket parts from Nylon
  68. RFQ: Help with Dahlagren cnc machine
  69. RFQ: CNC brass engraving from an stl file
  70. RFQ: I need Help/Support with my project :)
  71. RFQ: small, primitive Press with cutting and bending capability
  72. RFQ: 20mm Aluminium Plate Milling Request
  73. RFQ: Honest quotation for these dies please.
  74. RFQ: Small Alu plates needed
  75. RFQ: Metal luggage tags
  76. RFQ: Small parts from FR4 plastic - help!
  77. RFQ: small cutout panel 66mm x 44mm - stainless steel 1mm thick
  78. RFQ: Small parts CNC machined from iron
  79. RFQ: Z axis front plate
  80. RFQ: Internal Spline Broaching
  81. RFQ: Flat work needed
  82. RFQ: Woodturning lathe project
  83. RFQ: Early enquiry
  84. RFQ: treads
  85. RFQ: 5 Axis Hole Drilling in Plywood - 1260 holes in 64 boards - help very much needed!
  86. RFQ: Hi, Does anybody have a cnc 8x4 bed and can help me cut ply in the midlands?
  87. RFQ: Marking a cast iron
  88. RFQ: RFQ: Need some thin aluminium cutting
  89. RFQ: rfh edinburgh
  90. RFQ: simple plates for a z axis assembly - 15mm Ecocast Alu
  91. RFQ: RFQ - choc mould
  92. RFQ: quote to cut some ali gantry sides
  93. RFQ: Help needed to build my first machine NE Norfolk
  94. RFQ: tool changers
  95. RFQ: Help making mountain board trucks
  96. RFQ: X & Z manufacture and design.
  97. RFQ: Spindle for a Denford ORAC
  98. RFQ: Z axis
  99. RFQ: help needed to make cnc machine maybe 2-3 and will pay
  100. RFQ: Who Can Fix My Lathe?
  101. RFQ: flat work needed
  102. RFQ: 2 x Gantry Mounting Brackets Needed
  103. RFQ: Drill/Tap Guide Block for 15mm aluminium plate edges.
  104. RFQ: Press cost question ?
  105. RFQ: looking for a cnc / precision engineer
  106. RFQ: RQF: Router Gantry plates
  107. RFQ: 3/4" MDF parts required.
  108. RFQ: Aluminium frame Machining
  109. RFQ: M39x4 Threading of MT3 Blank End Arbor
  110. RFQ: Estimate for Motorcycle Part
  111. RFQ: 3D Model
  112. RFQ: Diy cnc'r looking to make parts for beer money, no job too small!
  113. RFQ: Very simple small part
  114. RFQ: cnc turning services offered
  115. RFQ: RFQ TIG welding
  116. RFQ: Shot blasting or other paint removal
  117. RFQ: Simple job cutting simple shapes out of camera lens cap
  118. RFQ: CNC cut discs and clock hands required
  119. RFQ: Need protective enclosure made from solid aluminium.
  120. RFQ: Rounded slot milled through 15mm Aluminium plate
  121. RFQ: Looking for Aluminium CNC Milling Service + Lathe Work (2 Separate Jobs)
  122. RFQ: x4pcs 18mm Marine Ply Disc's - Ruff & Ready @ 390mm OD
  123. RFQ: 100 paper gaskets required
  124. RFQ: Small wooden parts
  125. RFQ: Hard colour anodising
  126. RFQ: Marine Ply - 18 mm thick as attached image
  127. RFQ: 50x Small machined, anodised, engraved plates
  128. RFQ: 16mm long stainless pins with m5 tap
  129. RFQ: Mdf Cuts for CNC frame.
  130. RFQ: Ambitious Bicycle build project needs help
  131. RFQ: Woodturning project
  132. RFQ: Geckodrive G540 re-wire/installation
  133. RFQ: Z Axis, Not for the faint hearted
  134. RFQ: aluminium mold making
  135. RFQ: CNC Routers and Milling Machine Set-up
  136. RFQ: Billet block
  137. RFQ: MDF Panels (+ More)
  138. RFQ: Z axis and y axis carriage
  139. RFQ: Panels cut from soft plywood
  140. RFQ: RFQ: Micro Precision in Stainless Steel.
  141. RFQ: Some turning required please
  142. RFQ: Need ideas (or someone to make) a widget to couple motor shaft to M8/M10 threaded rod
  143. RFQ: 2 x Headphone Amp cases machined from Walnut.
  144. RFQ: Daft Punk Build
  145. RFQ: Aluminium Control Panel
  146. RFQ: PC Table, MDF 25mm - All files enclosed
  147. RFQ: milling & turning service offered
  148. RFQ: Re my speaker project
  149. RFQ: Lowish tolerance - Turning Required
  150. RFQ: Require small Stainless steel buckles machining- can you help please ?
  151. RFQ: vacuum forming a few parts
  152. RFQ: Any Injection Moulders on here, before I buy Chinese ?
  153. RFQ: Partners/makers wanted: OpenDesk open source furniture seeks partners in Mid/North/NI
  154. RFQ: Prototype keyboard case - CNC and laser
  155. RFQ: Custom M12 Bolts make in PEEK
  156. RFQ: DIY amp case help with materials and HUGE pre made cost justification !
  157. RFQ: custom made scope turret
  158. RFQ: acetal parts turned lathe work
  159. RFQ: Brass tags
  160. RFQ: machining help needed, round Bristols Stroud or Duxford
  161. RFQ: need a mount to mount my mount
  162. RFQ: come on at least have a look
  163. RFQ: I need to make an aluminium hook
  164. RFQ: Printed or milled request - Sorted
  165. RFQ: RM1605 Ballnut bracket.
  166. RFQ: Z+Y plates & motor bracket
  167. RFQ: Composite flat sheet cutting. (Water jet or router)
  168. RFQ: laser or router cnc needed
  169. RFQ: Triac / Mach 3 help
  170. RFQ: Parts for hand ergometer (exercise bike)
  171. RFQ: Why is it so hard...
  172. RFQ: West London, Park Royal, Acton Area. 4 holes CNC drilling in my new Spindle mount & Z
  173. RFQ: lathe work brass pins small
  174. RFQ: RFQ: Keyslot milling in alu round stock.
  175. RFQ: machined ali plates - a few corrections, easy job, help needed
  176. RFQ: Several mild steel parts
  177. RFQ: Plasma job...
  178. RFQ: Wood Sign/engraving required, small job one off money waiting...
  179. RFQ: Who did I offer Zaxis motor mount to.??
  180. RFQ: We need some machining doing, paid work
  181. RFQ: Steel rolling
  182. RFQ: Can you quote my project?
  183. RFQ: Water or laser cut stainless flanges
  184. RFQ: programmer
  185. RFQ: freelance electronics engineer needed?
  186. RFQ: Basic Error! - anyone have a lathe, some 10mm steel stock and a few mins please?
  187. RFQ: Part required machining
  188. RFQ: MDF parts required.
  189. RFQ: Turning/milling required, one offs - small qtys.
  190. RFQ: Anyone near Aylesbury or Oxford could lend a hand to a product designer?
  191. RFQ: Acetal parts needed
  192. RFQ: Confident Creative designer
  193. RFQ: Some simple PAID precise Aluminium CNC work required completing? ANYone?
  194. RFQ: Joint assembly needed making from 7075 T6 billet.
  195. RFQ: CNC drilling/tapping
  196. RFQ: Can someone make this for me? For money?
  197. RFQ: Anyone in buckinghamhire
  198. RFQ: Looking to get a couple gears modded
  199. RFQ: RFQ.. Acetal or acrylic... laser cut or routed.
  200. RFQ: Precision specific thread requied. Very urgent! Good pay.
  201. RFQ: Price for 12off and 50off
  202. RFQ: Midlands based, wood carving prototype required (A3 size)
  203. RFQ: Parts need turning
  204. RFQ: Small sized Parts need making, small batches
  205. RFQ: Gantry side panels
  206. RFQ: Lathe Work Required, Small Batches,
  207. RFQ: 7mm Ball on 4mm bar 15mm long (as 1 part) x 50
  208. RFQ: Spindle Mount (Ali mill job) - one off
  209. RFQ: Dublin, IRL Manual milling & lathe work required
  210. RFQ: I am looking for work as cnc operator.
  211. RFQ: RFQ Nema23 stepper mount
  212. RFQ: Need part
  213. RFQ: Ferris Wheel
  214. RFQ: Ballnut Mounts needed.
  215. RFQ: 10mm ali mounting plates
  216. RFQ: 5mm steel plate plasma or laser - can supply sheetcam g-code for mach 3,
  217. RFQ: CNC a staircase for me....
  218. RFQ: Gantry walls need machining
  219. RFQ: Does anyone want to build me a cnc router?
  220. RFQ: I need apx 100 brass tubes being cut down
  221. RFQ: Parts Required
  222. RFQ: 4 and 5mm steel plasma / laser cutting required, can send sheetcam files
  223. RFQ: 8 off steel plates required, drawings attached
  224. RFQ: CLOSED - Aluminium milling and anodising
  225. RFQ: Small CNC Parts needed
  226. RFQ: crimbo
  227. RFQ: Surface grinding quote
  228. RFQ: Small turned part. Cross drilled. quotes or advice please.
  229. RFQ: Plastic parts. 3 axis machined.
  230. RFQ: WC 2k2W spindle mount needed
  231. RFQ: Machine Design and build for PVC pipe
  232. RFQ: RFQ: 1 off Aluminium part for prototype mountain bike. 66 x 105 x 70mm
  233. RFQ: Regular supplier of aluminium parts CNC - opportunity
  234. RFQ: Sharpening lathe tooling
  235. RFQ: Need a few bits of 3mm ali sheet bent.. whose got a bending machine?
  236. Made to measure furniture
  237. RFQ: RFQ: Gantry in Aluminium plate
  238. RFQ: cutting two pockets in a 10mm existing part - quick job
  239. RFQ: RFQ: Aluminium parts for my CNC router
  240. RFQ: RFQ - 2 Off Birch Plywood Profiles (overall size 269mm OD)
  241. RFQ: CNC Myford Conversion
  242. RFQ: RFQ - Aluminium parts for Myford CNC conversion
  243. RFQ: LARGE CNC job - need help
  244. RFQ: Small aluminum milling/water cutting
  245. RFQ: Hi guys, anyone have a vacum form machine? Need something made will pay going rate
  246. RFQ: Stainless steel turned parts required.
  247. RFQ: small lathe job
  248. RFQ: Aluminium parts for mill conversion
  249. RFQ: Rfq
  250. RFQ: Turning requirement