View Full Version : Coolants, Cutting Oils and Lubricants

01-09-2016, 08:11 PM
There are several questions and comments on Coolants and Cutting Oils and they are quite old.

If anyone has a question on Coolants etc, do feel free to ask. I do not know how many there are likely to be, but we will cross that bridge.

Many people will be getting into problems, or potentially will be and from what I see in the threads, there is so little information available unless actually working in an environment where someone has a working knowledge even then, in the professional workplace, correct use of the products are often overlooked or even unknown.

I have worked in the Lubricants Industry all my working life (now retired) and manufactured Coolants and speciality Lubricants.

I would be pleased to advise on any problems you have and are likely to encounter and how to correct them, well, as best I can!.

Richard Hallett