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21-09-2016, 01:31 PM
Another 'look what I done' for you, Neil.

I found a nice handmade tool/storage box in the shed back at my Dad's old place. It needed a bit of a dusting down but more importantly a new handle to replace the one long gone and new fittings to match the old/corroded originals. Chances are I could have bought something off the shelf, but where's the fun in that..?



I modelled the surface in Cinema4D and exported it as an .stl for Cut3D to generate tool-paths from. Holes and cut-out were handled in Cut2D.





Tool marks were polished out on my press-drill using a sisal mop then a white-stitch. Not sure whether to counter sink and try and get hold of some nice dome topped wood screws, or to drill out and use domed socket head machine screws secured from the other side with dome nuts... While I'm here - why's it impossible to buy decent quality, aesthetically pleasing wood screws on the high street..? I always have to get mine on-line, spending a couple of quid on the screws and then a fiver on delivery. Heh, it's well annoying! Anyway, here it is, the finished item along with a nice new leather handle. Really chuffed that I've been able to give this old box another few years of use.





Clive S
21-09-2016, 05:34 PM
Wal I am not amazed anymore as you always do beautiful work. Have you tried Shipshape marine in Hazel Grove for stainless screws? Clive

Lee Roberts
21-09-2016, 05:52 PM
Thanks again for showing your work Wal,

so many build the machine then fade away never to be seen again, never showing what they get up to or make with it.

It's nice to see results :thumsup:


21-09-2016, 06:06 PM
>Have you tried Shipshape marine in Hazel Grove for stainless screws?

No, but I definitely will - thanks for the heads-up Clive..!

>Thanks again for showing your work Wal

No problem Lee - I enjoy documenting what I can - just let me know when it starts to get boring..!


22-09-2016, 10:26 PM
Nahhh....bloody useless Wal :whistle:

Up to your usual high standard, one of these days when I've stopped messing around with ply and balsa I'll have a go at some things like you do...just hope I can get something to look half as good as yours!