View Full Version : DIY Z Axis Zero setter setting gauge

Boyan Silyavski
23-10-2016, 01:43 PM

I will be brief here. Just to show something i have done lately. Basically i wanted a Z setter like that below.

19481 19482

Problem was, i had already a cheap DTI / 7-9euro/ laying around . So i said , hay, maybe i can do one myself.

How to DIY:

-I would not include any measures or plan here as all are different by mm or so, so better have it a hand when design the block. Important thing is the block to be 40mm thick so can stand up correctly. And enough long so the needle to clear at the back without touching the floor, when push to the end.

-the other important thing is to remove the back as it makes the cheapo DTI work unreliably. Just cenet the body to the aluminum block.

-also is worth noting that it could be done shorter, if you have the time to play and remove the shaft and shorten things. See pictures of internals

here is the final result:

19483 19484 19485