View Full Version : Hardinge HLV-H electrical problem

09-02-2017, 01:22 AM
I'm new on here, having just found this forum.

My HLV-H (English build) which I've had for about 16 yrs was sitting quietly, powered up but not running when it suddenly blew all the trips and the main fuse to L1 on the board in the lathe. After much pratting about with a Megger it seemed like insulation breakdown on the main transformer.

New transformer wound and fitted on Sunday. (For no good reason, fitting this is the most un-necessarily frustrating job possible considering there are only 4 screws holding it on).

Joy! All functioning again until the second I hit the high range on the motor when the fuse to L1 blows instantly. Low range runs fine - switch to high - instant death.

I've cocked it up somewhere.

I would appreciate any help, suggestions, criticism, wiring diagrams or what have you, because (trust me on this) control electrics are not my strong suit.

Thanks in anticipation,