View Full Version : 1982 Feeler FTL-618E Need Wiring Diagram

10-04-2017, 04:32 AM
Hello everyone. I purchased this lathe via auction and didn't have the opportunity to thoroughly inspect it. It went cheap enough that I figured I couldn't lose. I opened up the electrical panel and this is what I foundů

I don't know if it was a disgruntled employee or if maybe the motor is shot and it was a sacrificial machine that people robbed parts from.

Either way I am going to get this thing up and running.

Would anyone happen to have a wiring diagram? I might be able to do it with out but that would make life so much easier.

Are there any recommendations or options other than putting it back to factory spec?

Thank you in advance. I appreciate the valuable input.

14-04-2017, 03:08 PM
you could try feeler themselves, they still exits as a company just google feeler machine tools or feeler machining centres