View Full Version : Not exactly wood only but...

Boyan Silyavski
19-04-2017, 06:01 PM
Hi, i wanted to share sth.

These days am trying different materials / will be becoming a sign maker locally :-) / . So tried YTONG. WOW, nice result, machines nicely with 90 degree V cutter. Feed and speed same like wood. ID some search on the web but seems no body have shared anything about that material.

I am starting to have some ideas to make sth really big from say 20-30 pieces / 620x250x50mm/. At the left my new business cards from wood and at the back a sun i am making for a friend. Will post when mounted and finished. By the way, staining Pine natural finish so it looks like another material is an art itself, though may not seem so at first glance. And quite poisonous if without a respirator.

Next thing is to do me some badges from aluminum, you know who inspired me...