View Full Version : Quality of the SX2P

27-07-2017, 09:14 PM
Hi. Our bench drill at work is awful and well overdue an upgrade. I know this is classed as a hobby machine but it will see less use at work than it would in a hobbyists garage I'm sure.

I'd set up a DRO on it for accurate positioning of holes, making actual use of the drill far quicker and easier. Will mainly be used for drilling fixture points in plastic cases and steel and facemilling/flycutting aluminium stock down to size to then go in our Chinese CNC we use for prototyping and one offs and modifying existing components for a job, which is very good in X and Y but awful at holding tolerances in Z and doesn't face well, and possibly finishing passes in pockets where depth tolerance is important.

I'm interested in how gutsy this is for drilling through up to 10mm steel and how accurate it is in the Z. Are the spindle and table square and stay square? Does it flex under load? Would you recommend it as a light use mill/drill?