View Full Version : Lathe Conversion from AC to DC motor. HELP!!

17-10-2017, 04:51 PM
I have a lumberjack lathe that has a small induction motor on it which at moment runs on a pulley system. I need to covert that lathe so that it operates on low RPM with high torque on a variable speed pedal or a speed switch controller. I live in Leeds and am capable to bring the lathe for conversion or if it suits you better it can be down at my house.
Please find attached the ebay product page for more information aout the lathe. As far as the power/ torque is concerned that is the area where I would ask you for the advice. In short, I am a small start up business where I make cat scratching posts. The lathe will be used primarily to wind sisal rope onto the carboard tube/core. So in theory I attach the sisal rope onto core where the lathe spins clockwise at very low RPM (preferably 0rpm to about 50/100rpm. The speed is to be operated by a foot pedal) and I manually create the torque by pulling the sisal rope counter clockwise in order to have the rope well tight around the tube itself. Im looking for a motor that is not too expensive that can do this type of work without burning it. After finding the right motor, can anyone install that motor and speed controller as a whole. Is there anyone interested in helping me achieve this problem or can anyone please reccomend someone who would be able to do this job for me. It would be ideal to find someone near Leeds area. THX:rapture:

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