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29-12-2017, 07:26 PM
I am considering swapping my current CNC router for one that is more suitable for my needs.

It is a Biesse 30 router that i have fitted new servo motors and drive to. It also has a HSD ISO30 Spindle and comes withj a load of toolholders mostly new. I will also throw in the collets.

I have it controlled with a CSlabs ethernet controller and it cut really well.

I have not wired in the drill heads and saw head as it was just not needed for what im doing but it has something like 18 drill heads including 4 right angle heads. The controller is more than adequate to control all the drill and saw heads.

The spindle is an absolute cracker that could be wired to to be auto tool change. I also have the tool capture plastic forks so that you could make a tool change bar or drum.

So heres my problem i am making more and more items that are 1.2m square. The machine can do 711/2800/130mm this means i keep having to mill then move the part.

It does also have a vacuum pump and pods as well as some spare pods.

The total cost of the parts in this build would exceed 5k but i am happy to trade for a simple cnc router that can achieve 1.2/1.4m square or even 8X4ft would be perfect. I would also be fine with simple 2kw water cooled spindle.

This would only be of interest to the right person but let me know what you think. If i cant swap then i will have to break this machine and build from scratch with the parts.

29-12-2017, 07:44 PM