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19-02-2018, 03:41 PM
I had a Denford Starturn 8, the controller went POP on me a few months back, so I bought a replacement denford, a cyclone fanuc (red top servos)

Machine was tatty but had a demo and it all seemed to work except an air leak on the collet chuck

Finally got it hooked up to three phase, and it started up fine.
Thought I'd index the turret so jogged it up and out the way and turned the job on the front and pressed the green button.
It went nuts, just spinning and spinning the turret, so in reflex I hit the e stop and now I have 1003 turret positioning error I can't clear.
It won't index anymore, just hums and gives the error again when I try and index.

I assume I can manually free it off and reseat it? Could anyone help me know how?

Also, how do I know which tool goes where so if I can index it and reseat it, it's not on the wrong tool?

I've literally turned the machine on for the first time and then off, then on a few days later and this happened. I've never got it cut anything or run a programme or anything.

I really stretched myself to afford this lathe, so any help would be really well received.

19-02-2018, 06:58 PM
What turret?
Barafuldi TOE 60/80, or Denfords own one?

The Barafuldi won't work correctly if the three phase has been connected wrong, as it's relying on a 3 phase motor to rotate things the correct direction (note that the spindle runs through a VFD, so will still run the correct direction regardless of phase order, it's only the turret that won't work).
If it is a Barafuldi, try swapping two of the phases around, and indexing it again.

Without dismantling a Barfuldi turret, you can't manually unlock or lock it. If it has failed to lock, you can sometimes spin them by hand, but it relies on a locking pin being engaged and the motor reversing direction to re-engage the hirth (IIRC) coupling to lock it, and the motor running without the lock pin engaged to unlock it. If you're interested in how it works, there is a technical manual for them on the Denford forum somewhere, but it probably won't help you solve the problem of why the controller failed to index it (unless a sensor has failed, but that's not likely).

21-02-2018, 11:23 AM
Thanks MC - i don't know which turret sorry - but attached is a photo23791

21-02-2018, 09:12 PM
Not sure what that is. I wonder if it's the earlier Barfuldi RH turret.

Have you tried swapping two phases?

21-02-2018, 09:28 PM
Not yet, I assume it's a case of four terminals that mount into the smaller side cabinet thing and swapping their order?

21-02-2018, 10:27 PM
I've got no idea about how the control cabinet is laid out on a Fanuc machine, but wherever the power comes into the machine, just swap any two of the three phases around.
However, what do you mean by 4 terminals?
Do you mean 3P+E (4 conductors), or 3P+N+E (5 conductors)?

If the machine does use Neutral, then you must make sure you don't move it, otherwise you'll end up with 415V where there should only be 240V. I don't think Denford used Neutral in any 3 phase machine though.

I would tell you what colours to look for, but the standard colours changed a few years ago, so Neutral can be Blue (new) or Black (old), but blue is used for a phase colour in the old colours, and black in the new colours.
I've attached a diagram of the colours, so you should be able to identify what you've got. Internally the 3phase wiring will most likely be all blue or black, but any external wiring should meet the relevant colour standard, which should be the old colours, but if it's been replaced, it may be the new colours.

21-02-2018, 10:55 PM
Thanks, I'll use a trusty multimeter (very carefully) to figure it out

28-02-2018, 12:04 PM
here is a little video of the back of the lathe which has a hand written note the turret is called TPFT, any help pointing me at a schematic?


01-03-2018, 01:37 PM
I called up a CNC repair place yesterday, and they suggested removing the panel off the turret, winding it on manually with an allen key, and depressing the pin to get it to seat - they also mentioned the phases being incorrect.

Going to look at the phases first, and then will give the machine a good clean before opening anything up